Steele News 2015

I’ll be doing some stuff with Jay Parmar and Tony Fuentes on THEE one and only George Lynch Fansite, !! Those two are the guys to go to for all guitar things Lynch, I provide comic relief. Extra special thanks to Patrick DeCola for thinkin’ of me. It’s gotta be my Lynch inspired vibrato, ha!

lynch banner

I’m also working out some details to demo some Schecter guitars on video, awwww yeah!!!

Who am I?

Current: Guitarist for signed Jazz/Metal/Prog band Alarum. Guitar Teacher (private/online). D’Addario/Planet Waves endorsee. Drummer for Brothel. Emcee. Voice over artist. Podcast participant. 


Past: Radio personality. Founder of Guitar Fight Club. Guitar Clinician (Ibanez/Line 6). Guitar columnist for Australia’s Heavy Magazine.

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I got this beautiful bad boy not too long ago. Ibanez Universe UV777BK. Extra special thanks to Will Gaffney for helping me acquire this guitar. He was bold enough to buy it for me and trade me for my two 2 six strings (I’m pretty much going 7 string exclusively), the RG3120 and the RG1570. After three or more weeks, he was able to sell both. Thank you WILL!!

uni 2


COUNTER: 5,000 hits per hour. For reals, bitch.


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    • Dude! You used my youtube quote (I post there as SkyNett). Awesome! I meant every word of it – since two of those teachers I mentioned are John Petrucci and Al Pitrelli – so yea, I know good teachers, and you are tops!!

      • Ha ha, cool!! I have a friend on my FB who had a few lessons with JP and was not impressed. I’ve seen a vid with AP and was fairly perplexed by his video on modes.

      • I studied with JP years ago – probably from 89 – 91 or so. I’m from Long Island, NY and he used to give lessons out of his parent’s house in Kings Park. I’m not particularly into prog rock but the guy has skills and he definitely taught me a lot. I studied with Pitrelli back in 86 or so for a few years when he was teaching out of THE local guitar shop at the time, a place called Focus II – it was the coolest guitar store in the area for many years. It’s still around – called Music Emporium these days. Anyway you rock dude – keep the great playing coming!! : )

  1. You still fucking rock! I love you man. Have a great holiday. I’ll be seeing you soon. Oh, the rockers at the Fire house in Oakland, think you are the man. Many are amazed. I’m honored to know you.

    • Dude you guys are my family. You made my teen years an absolute joy and I tell many a story about many a friend. Tell the Oakland firefighters to stay safe at all times, and hopefully we’ll see you when you get out here. You may not wanna come back.

  2. Hey Steel we Gunna get you that singer tomorrow we hope he’s home when we knock down his door his names Pete Stark well let him contact you let it rocking with ya cockken out

  3. Hey Doug, are you going to do any youtube clips / tips on the new Van Halen album? If there is anybody that can steer us guitar players in the right direction it is you. You the Man.

  4. Hey Doug fn Steele
    Yer old bud Jeff Steele cool site and cool vh lessons on you tube you really do your homework when it comes to Edward . At the moment I am building a pre chainsaw trimmed shark out of a epiphone korina explorer as 78 Ibanez destroyers are as hard to find as respect theese days do you still work at the store I saw you at last.I want to quiz you on some pick ups. and a dth kit for my strat mongrell workhorse.You were talking bare knuckles last time we spoke are they any good?
    Kind regards Jeff Steele…
    ps since I saw you last I have had my lh pinky and ring finger rebuilt but they had to fuse my knuckle so my shredding days are over as well as busting my index and middle lh knuckle .anyway how bad can it be the girls are out the sun is shining and van halen sound like van halen again.

  5. hey doug! nice site dude!
    hows “Cokken” commin along? (love that name! makes me chuckle every time!!)
    Get off that NEZ and play ur baddass evh guitars more!!!! (what u thinkin about “a different kind of truth” BTW???)

    greetings from rainy-ass, merry ole england!!

  6. Hello Doug, it’s TheBigRedViking in Northern CA. Plz recommend anyone that makes a very good 5150 guitar copy. Meanwhile I’m working on one myself, and old red Kramer that I’m adding white stripes to. Did you ever obtain any of your VH guitars from this guy? I’m very impressed with his craftsmanship and have emailed some price quotes to him as he works closely with each person requesting a custom order. I’d appreciate any other soure(s) you recommend for a good 5150 guitar replica, except I don’t care about the 5150 sticker. brew cheers from CA

      • Hi DOug, ‘Thought you’d enjoy this photo of my guitar project.

        It’s finally starting to look Van Halen-ish. ‘Using Frogtape to make the stripes sharp. ‘Lots more work to do. Going to their San Jose show on Tues 6/5!!! I really enjoy your guitar work, man. Do you ever plan to cover “She’s the Woman”? ‘Keep on playin’!

  7. Sup Doug. Pretty much every vid you’ve done has been a huge help to me in getting me off the launchpad and into some actual guit playing. Cheers, keep kicking ass

  8. MelbourneIM a 51 year old guitar nut.been playing for 2 years self Eddie George pepper Keenan etc. your Web page inspireme.would love to see you play for tips.I livein

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