NOTE: I am no longer in Brothel, but I’m going to keep the page up cuz they’re good guys and i want them to kill it.

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Last Brothel gig

Bio: Brothel is a heavy Cunt Rock band (Melbourne, Australia) who say a lot of the following words: Fuck, Shit, Piss, Cunt, Motherfucker Cocksucker, Bitch. Brothel have been around for about 15-20 years and usually play 1-2 shows a year (a headline show at Central Club Richmond).

We headline because : There’s 10-15 of us and we usually dominate the dressing rooms, and most metal bands don’t have a sense of humour and will not play with us.

[Everyone who knows me knows one thing: I LOVE DRUMS. If I had a drum kit I’d start auditioning for funk bands yesterday.

I usually play the Brothel gigs on my friend’s kit or the band that was on before us. One day I would like my own kit. Something like Portnoy’s, looks pretty easy to play, and I’m all about the ease.

If you have a kit and need a drummer, get ahold of me. I can sing and play drums as well. Take that!

Do not expect Colaiuta like brilliance. 

My favorite drummers are Vinnie Colaiuta, Gene Hoglan, Glen Sobel (who I jammed with 160 years ago), Perry Strickland, Hanz Grossman, any Prince drummer, and that’ll do for now.


Here!! A song where I did the drums and the guitar lead

drum kit

Umm..we need more drums.

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