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New album diary (updated fairly regularly)

 2017: A long overdue update…
Firstly, thanks to Grahame Goode for his time with the band. Thanks also to Liam Weedall who joined us recently @ Ausocalypse and Churches Of Steel.
We have been working with session drummer Ben Hocking (The Levitation Hex, Aeon Of Horus) and last weekend we finished recording drums for Alarum album 4. Many thanks Ben. We’re now underway finishing tracking the rest of the album before Neil Kernon (Spiral Architect, Aghora, Nevermore, Hall & Oates, Queensryche, Nile, Cannibal Corpse) mixes the beast. More soon…Cheers!


(5/2/17) -Last two weeks Alarum had two great gigs.

Ausocalypse in Bendigo (I still can’t say that word out loud, but I can spell it..weird) I was running HD500 through my Ampeg ss140C’s power amp section. Marshall cab made it sound fairly weak. But the show must go on. Universe was not staying in tune so I was in a bit of a funk that night. Until drinks were drank at the end of the night. Extra special thanks to Midnight Mitch for housing us on short notice.

Churches of Steel in Adelaide. Gear wise (because let’s face it, you’re a guitarist), I had my Line 6 HD500 running into the effects loop of a Marshall head. Sounded monstrous indeed. Extra shout out to Chris from Hidden Intent for putting on the show, it was  a great night indeed. Made a lot of new friends and drank many jugs of beer.

Extra Extra thank you to Liam Weedall for drumming for us both shows. You are a talented player and a consummate professional. Love your work immensely.

Extra extra extra special thanks to Scotty Young for letting me throw his aviator sun glasses into a brick wall (at the behest of his gf.) Why didn’t we film that? 



Okay, no more gigs. We’re making an album with Neil Kernon and that’s now top priority.


Adelaide’s Churches of Steel: Scotty and I doing harmony burn shit


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ALARUM: (uh-lar-uhm, uh-lahr-) –noun. “A mechanism that produces awareness”. The Melbourne 4 piece progressive metal band have been just that since forming in 1992, and have been expanding that awareness ever since. But it would be unfair to simply lump them into the vague progressive metal genre, as they blend all forms of metal alongside rock, jazz, latin and fusion.

After some early line up changes, the band featuring Matt Racovalis (drums), Mark Palfreyman (bass/vocals), Mark Evans (guitar) and Scott Young (guitar) released their first full length album “Fluid Motion” in 1999, to great critical acclaim and thus the first step was made towards cementing themselves as one of Australia’s premier metal acts. 
But it was 2004’s Eventuality release through Willowtip Records (USA) and Willowtip/Earache (Europe) that really began to garner attention from an international audience. As well as this, the album saw Alarum awarded with Best Australian Band, Best Australian Album, Best Australian Bassist and Best Australian Drummer at the 2005 Kerrang Australian Heavy Metal Awards.
  Their endeavours to bring their musical experience to a live audience have seen them share the stage internationally with some of the worlds finest in their field including the likes of Testament, Cynic, Zero Hour, Death Angel, Obituary, Dark Tranquillity, Lamb Of God, Cattle Decapitation, Arsis, Neuraxis, Gojira, Aghora, Anata, Psycroptic, Alchemist, Mortal Sin, Odious Mortem, Tangaroa and Job For A Cowboy. A particular highlight being travelling alongside Necrophagist on their USA “Carving North America’s Epitaph 2006” tour, which as well as playing at The New England Hardcore & Metal Festival, California Metalfest & Maryland Deathfest, this also saw Alarum being joined on stage in Florida by Atheist front man Kelly Shaefer where they performed “Piece of Time”.

Such a great reception was only to be met by a great many hurdles upon returning. Upon commencing writing for their follow up 3rd album, drummer Matt Racovalis and guitarist Scott Young parted ways with the band on amicable terms. This saw the band bring in the young up and coming drummer Rob Brens, and the band pushed forward on writing the 3rd album as a trio.

In 2008 Ryan Williams joined as live guitarist enabling to band to perform shows around Australia while Palfreyman, Evans and Brens continued the recording process.

 Alarum’s third album ‘Natural Causes’ was recorded with Theron Rennison at Rennisound Studios, Melbourne and is set for release Oct 18th, 2011. As well as a new album, the band also have a new lineup. With Mark Evans recently leaving the band, Ryan Williams has been instated as a full time member and Alarum have the pleasure of introducing guitarist John Sanders (Flatstick) aka Doug Steele.

The band is currently in rehearsal preparing to tour extensively to promote the new album and lineup. Doug Steele, Mark Palfreyman and  Ryan Williams are endorsed by D’Addario strings and Planet Waves accessories.

Palf once told me when Alarum toured with Necrophagist years ago in the US, that they’d crank Flatstick in the van. How cool is that? Funny how the world works.

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