I love Wendy and Lisa

I’m extremely saddened by the death of one Prince Rogers Nelson. That guy was the ultimate showman, composer, all that shit. There’s only a few greats left. That crowd is sadly dwindling.

They’re now releasing pics of Paisley Park and I gotta say: goddamn!! I’ve read a lot of stories since his death, and he could write and record, mix and master songs IN A DAY.


My favourite era of Prince is going to be The Revolution. Purple Rain is an amazing album, even the less popular songs kickass. My favourite song? Take Me with U. That one musical motif during the verse has a total Chinese feel to it…how rad!!

I remember seeing the movie Purple Rain as a mere teen, and I gotta say; I love females in music. It doesn’t hurt that Wendy looked like Ally Sheedy (whom I had a mild crush on wayyy back when). Wendy also played guitar and sang higher vocals so I was into it. In 1984 the only female guitarist I can think of is Ann Wilson of Heart. So to see someone bustin’ funk, playing solos and looking alternative was new and HOT, ha ha, HOT. Wendy would have had a huge male fan base. Not that Lisa wasn’t hot or great (she was both), I was just into guitar players, so that’s what I’m going to gravitate towards.

Wendy and Lisa, Prince and Wendy’s cleave 

And the way Wendy and Lisa looked in the Prince music videos was thee shit as well. Are they sisters? Are they friends? Are they lovers? My interest was piqued, and my dirty little teenage mind wanted them to be lovers sooooo bad. What I did find out through all my recent online exploring is this: They’ve known each other since they were kids (their dads were studio musicians in the LA music scene), they fell in love and were together (YESSSS!!) from late teens to after Prince fired them. All good things come to an end, I guess.

And now, Wendy and Lisa make theme music for TV shows out in LA and their music is thee shit!! Crossing Jordan, Heroes, Nurse Jackie, Carnivale (Indian AND Lydian vibe in the intro tipped me off to finding out who the fuck wrote that mad shit)..and yes, I was pleasantly delighted but not surprised when I found out it was Wendy and Lisa. I was like, “Yes!!! Good on ’em!!”

They’ve won awards for the shit, so I’m glad people with ears are taking notice. Wendy and Lisa have done tons of other stuff as well.

Why I love Wendy and Lisa: They co wrote lots of the Prince songs while they were in the band. I’m just as happy that Prince believed in these two ladies as much as I’m stoked that they were the ones taking that shit to the next level.


I’m stoked that after getting released from The Revolution that they continued to release albums and begin making tv music that is FUCKING REALLY GOOD GRADE A BAD ASS MUSICAL SHIT! I never watched Nurse Jackie but goddamn if that intro music ain’t the shit!! 90 second masterpieces..Amazing. They’ve done movie scores as well.

Wendy and Lisa, I love you. Behind every great man is a better woman. You two doubled it, and I appreciate the music you make, back then and now.

Wendy and Lisa OFFICIAL

Wendy and Lisa WIKI


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