Best guitar set ups / repairs in MELBOURNE

Emily Car: Aftershockers drummer as well as guitarist/singer

Guitar Floor: New to guitar? Let John show you the way!!

Brandon Ellis: My current favourite guitarist. He’s doing it RIGHT!! Vibrato from hell.

Rachel Flowers: Musical prodigy, making Keith Emerson proud since she started.

The Vinyl Guide: My close friend Nate is doing a podcast regarding vinyl records, check it!

My Favorite Murder Podcast: Two funny lovely ladies give us the goods. On murder.

Sword and Scale Podcast:  Serious podcast about true crime. Draining at times.

Arlington Guitar Shop: Donald bought me a bag of Ultex Jazz III’s. He’s a keeper.

FRET FX: Fret lights for your geetar! Perfect for dimly lit gigs. And I just found out Roz is using my youtube video to promote!

Scary Groove: Maddest George Lynch fansite the world has ever seen!!

The Minimalists – De clutter your life and live for NOW! This will change your life, and make you much happier. I promise.

Heavy Magazine – Australia’s finest metal mag.

Ibanez – Been playing Ibanez since ’89.

Ishibashi – Great place to buy a used J-Custom Ibanez.

Ikebe – Gakki – Another great place to find  high end Ibanez guitars.

9GAG – For the lols.

Glen Sobel – Glen’s actually a friend of mine. He did some fill ins with Sinister Sam and we’ve been friends ever since. I was the first person to show him Meshuggah. Ahhhh yeah, bitch!! One of my favourite drummers of all time.

Jason Becker – My god, what a total inspiration. The guy burns, and for him to take the ALS in his stride, that’s even more inspiring than his ass kicking guitar stuff!!! He’s just wonderful. I’ve met him a couple times. Seen Cacophony three times. Peter Marino produced some of the Sinister Sam vocals. Donate to Jason Becker!!!!

George Lynch – I love this guy. Been listening to him for years, I totally stole his vibrato and told him so!!! I used to have my hair two tone, like George. I’m an asshole like that.

Paul Gilbert – The guy who totally sorted out my playing. intense Rock I is THEE BEST instructional video. People want to know what i did to get my right hand happenin’. I always say, “I watched PG’s right hand and just copied that.” I love him. I sent him the Flatstick CD long ago, it was too wild for him, ha ha!!! I bought a BC Rich Mockingbird because of PG.

Martin Goulding – The guy burns on guitar. Nice wide vibrato. Lots of very cool licks and ideas on his site. He taught Andy James!!

Devin Townsend – This guy’s just a fucking genius. That’s all that needs to be said. Ahhhh!! And he quit the weed! I was always a shit stoner, but a wonderful drunk.

Rick Graham – Aside from Guthrie, the other scariest guitarist in the world. Burns and lost a fuckton of weight. Definitely an inspiration of both fronts.

Dweezil Zappa – Doin’ his dad fuckin’ proud!! The guy is totally underrated, and it’s pure bullshit. He makes lots of players look shite.

Vinnie Colaiuta – For me, probably the best drummer in the world. Motherfucker burns!! I watch a lot of Vinnie clips on YouTube.

Troy Grady – Seen the Cracking the Code vids on youtube? Troy has taken shred guitar picking dissection to an absolute scientific level. You have to check him out.

Meshuggah – I just love these guys. My fave albums are DEI, Catch 33, Chaosphere, Nothing, and the NONE EP. I still don’t have the newest one. Ha!!!

Skindred – Saw these guys at Soundwave 2014 and my bro in law gave me some of their stuff. I love it, and you will too if you like groove oriented Reggae/Metal.

Haji’s Kitchen – Met these guys at a NAMM and through Facebook, have been friends ever since. I’d like to do a project with Derek and Rob.

Ted Bundy – My first foray into true crime when I was 18 was on this asshole. Read the majority of the books and seen the majority of the youtube stuff.

Ear Ons – This guy’s a total asshole. Let’s catch him! April, 25, 2018 – CAUGHT!! Sucka!!!


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