I LOVE LSD – Life Sex and Death

A hundred million years ago the singer of a band I was in back in California (Gary from Sinister Sam) went and saw our friend’s band (Sin City) open for LSD in San Rafael, Ca.

Gary came back from the show and told me about this homeless guy who the club had let in, he smelled horrible and was chatting with all the patrons..Sin City played their set, then LSD started up and the homeless guy got onstage and started doing his thing..turns out HE was the lead singer..And was BAD FUCKING ASS!!!

Now…. I’m not sure if it was the way Gary retold this story to me or I was too closed minded to get it (probably both…if it wasn’t Thrash or Shred I probably wasn’t into it), I bypassed the whole LSD thing completely. Until now. Gary always kept going, “I’m a tank, I’m a tank..” It got old quick and there was no way in hell I was gonna check this shit out..

Until now. I’ve been going back over pockets of bands I missed during my time growing up and giving those bands a first chance..From Swing Out Sister to anything, really..80’s pop and shit..

So I got on the ole’ YouTube and tried LSD’s School is for Fools..And I gotta say, LSD sounds good and Stanley’s moves are THEE SHIT. I’d like to say the moves are awkwardly quirky spurts of brilliance..A buddy who knows Stanley says he’s double and triple jointed. Fucking amazing.

Apparently back in the day LSD were signed to Warner brothers for a six figure sum, then the brass who did the signing bailed shortly after. New people came in, didn’t give two shits about LSD, and the band was dropped before a second album could be done. Bummer. I honestly think if these guys had strong label support and LSD toured opening for Metallica or another huge band, these guys could have really done something special. That first album is a goal mine, pretty much. The band is great, Stanley’s vocals are solid..I’m kicking myself that I didn’t see these guys live. Stanley may have smelled, but that wouldn’t stop me from bear hugging him..or would it?

What I love about LSD: Good solid songs. Listen to the fucking album. I’m not wrong. My favourite song is Jawohl Asshole. It’s pure brilliance..And it has chromatic power chords!! Fuckin’ Shit Ass, another great song!! There’s more than two great songs, trust me…

There’s debate over whether Stanley’s homelessness/bipolar style vibe is an act..Who cares!!! Hats off for committing, I say. Does the illusion of an act make you like the band less? I couldn’t give two shits either way. Here’s what I do know..His dance moves are top tier, bar none. Try doing those moves and not getting winded, or running out of breath..he’s fucking fit. Not to mention the whole band, they are all bad ass musicians in their own right..so to have 3 guys going off in the front and the drummer being a fucking machine, you have 4 points of focus. 4 frontmen, pretty much. I thank LSD for that, it does not go unnoticed. Not from me. I absorb the live band experience like a motherfucker.

Stanley is the best frontman I have not seen live, ha ha ha..I’m just so happy that live footage has made it to video. His finger flourishes are THEE SHIT!! And he can do ’em frontwards and backwards..Go on, try that now, backwards is a fucking feat of nature..or something that piano players can do easily..This band is a fucking gold mine. I hope the bitch who cut them from the label dies in a house fire.

I think I’ll wrap it up. LSD should have been huge. As Fishbone should have eclipsed RHCP and No fucking Doubt in popularity and success, LSD should be bigger than Metallica or at the very least, Alice in Chains (which at times they kinda remind me of).

If you saw these guys live, I’m jealous as fuck of you. And happy you were smart enough to see them.


One response to “I LOVE LSD – Life Sex and Death

  1. I saw these guys opening for Lynch Mob in 92”. Was definitely a weird, but cool experience. I’m parked front row on the side Lynch will be playing. Lights go down, there is a sudden stench of BO that you can’t believe. Spotlight comes on and there is Stanley the homeless looking guy wearing a filthy black suit and dirty glasses, with a ukelele. Everyone is like WTF is this. He’s doing the “Blue Velvet Moon” song, but as it goes along the amps are kind of feeding back and growling, and there is this Viking looking dude in leather short shorts sitting on top of the amp pounding his chest, and then they launch into “We’re Here now”, and everyone’s mind is blown. They were awesome. Saw Lynch Mob again on that tour at the Vic in Chicago, but for some reason, LSD wasn’t allowed to play. Met the guitar player Alex Kane a couple of times and he was very cool. I’ve tried describing the experience of that band to a bunch of people but unless you saw it for yourself it just doesn’t do it justice.

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