Real name John Sanders, living in Melbourne, Australia.  Guitarist (Alarum, Heaven the Axe), drummer (Brothel), radio  (podcast) personality, emcee, husband, friend.

Yay!! I just hit 10k subscribers on my YouTube channel!! Stoked, and appreciative as fuck!!


Churches of Steel: Adelaide

(5/2/17) -Last two weeks Alarum had two fun gigs, And, in keeping in two’s, here’s two pics.

Top pic was Churches of Steel in Adelaide. Gear wise (because let’s face it, you’re a guitarist), I had my Line 6 HD500 running into the effects loop of a Marshall head. Sounded monstrous indeed. Extra shout out to Chris from Hidden Intent for putting on the show, it was  a great night indeed. Made a lot of new friends and drank many jugs of beer.

Second gig photo was Ausocalypse in Bendigo (I still can’t say that word out loud, but I can spell it..weird) I was running HD500 through my Ampeg ss140C’s power amp section. Marshall cab made it sound fairly weak. But the show must go on. Universe was not staying in tune so I was in a bit of a funk that night. Until drinks were drank at the end of the night. Extra special thanks to Midnight Mitch for housing us on short notice.

Extra Extra thank you to Liam Weedall for drumming for us both shows. You are a talented player and a consummate professional. Love your work immensely.

Extra extra extra special thanks to Scotty Young for letting me throw his aviator sun glasses into a brick wall (at the behest of his gf.) Why didn’t we film that? 



Okay, no more gigs. We’re making an album with Neil Kernon and that’s now top priority.

 Here’s what I’m up to – I do these once a week (language warning) 


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