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Real name John Sanders, living in Melbourne, Australia.  Guitarist (Alarum, Heaven the Axe), drummer (Brothel), radio  (podcast) personality, emcee, husband, friend. All the links are above, get crackin’..

If you missed the Brothel Show last night…well, you done fucked up.


I’m co-hosting HEAVY METAL TRIVIA at the B-East in Brunswick Thursday Sept 29: Details HERE


 Here’s what I’m up to (language warning)

With Doug Thuggin’, I grab my rusty trusty Zoom H2N, hit ‘record’, and just talk. I take out the ole’ SD card, plug it straight into laptop, and BOOM!! It ends up on YouTube. I’ve been told by someone to make these weekly, so every Sunday I will endeavor to honour that wish!

Seen the new Ibanez Universe 25th anniversary models?? Mad as fuck. 7 grand??!! OUCH!! Still, I’d love one. Or two. 

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    • I think I’ll just watch you. Its just that your a little bit quick in explaining that’s all love your bumble bee. I currently play a Steve vai jem jnr which is a great guitar with a blackstar amp tvp 15

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