Feb 2, 2020. Listening to test pressings of Alarum album 4 vinyl today. Right around the corner, peoples!!

Alarum album four coming soon! Get on the mailing list!!

2020 NEWS: Man, lots going on!! Flatstick is now on Apple Music, Spotify, Google Play, etc.. Alarum album 4 is dropping soon, Guitar Fight Club is back on the cards WITH LIVE STREAM!! I’m also hosting a night called Mixed Martial Metal Karoake..also doing the LIVE STREAM THING..I just bought an Ibanez RG7 that I’ll be turning into a a 7 string Bumblebee! Eddie would be proud. AAAANNNNDD I want two guitars from ibanez, both 7’s…actually three: the green one, the yellow one, and the Jake Bowen. Peace!!

“Two notes, or a hundred and fifty billion?”

I just joined Patreon!! Please SUPPORT my dumb ass!

Hit 14.7 thousand subscribers on my YouTube channel!! Way stoked!! Please sub!!

Exclusive interview with guitar bad ass Brandon Ellis HERE

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