Real name John Sanders, living in Melbourne, Australia.  Guitarist, drummer, radio  (podcast) personality, emcee, husband, friend.

Nice!! I just hit 9,000 subs on YouTube!!

Steele News 2016: Alarum are currently writing and recording new album (running the gamut from Jazz to Black Metal), Brothel have some good shows coming up towards the end of 2016. I’m still pining for an Ibanez Universe U777 Loch Ness Green. 


 Here’s what I’m up to (language warning)

With Doug Thuggin’, I grab my rusty trusty Zoom H2N, hit ‘record’, and just talk. I take out the ole’ SD card, plug it straight into laptop, and BOOM!! It ends up on YouTube.

2 responses to “Main

  1. Hang in there bro. I own a delivery rt. I stepped off the back of my truck on uneven concrete my ankle gave out. Fell into to left ankle twist and the tip of my right sneaker caught on the back step bumper and ripped the right top exterior quad tendon. IN HALF! FUUUUUCK. NEVER felt pain like that in 50 yrs. This went down 6-3-16. In a cast till past friday, full leg brace till 3 more weeks. Then set brace to move to 30%. Rehab 3months. If you decide to shoot, face this way and let me know what time, We’ll go together:D It does get better… Right??? Have faith man.

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