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Real name John Sanders, living in Melbourne, Australia.  Guitarist (Alarum), drummer (Brothel), radio  (podcast) personality, emcee, husband, friend.

Like Bungle/Zappa/Pantera music with shred guitar? GO HERE

Sept 23: saw this beast play, my weekend was amazing!! AND my wife (with the help of CJ) is getting me pro tools for my 50th…Oh glory be!! All I ever want to do is write and record music. And pretty soon, it’s gonna happen all over the fuckin’ place!!

Brandon Ellis and myself, Sunday Sept 23 at Max Watts, Melbourne Australia. The Black Dahlia Murder are fucking NUTS live. 

Exclusive interview with guitar bad ass Brandon Ellis HERE

Hit 12k subscribers on my YouTube channel!! Way stoked!! Please sub!!

Latest Youtube video

My FOURTH live Youtube Live Stream!!

new albumJune 11 – 2018: The tracks are currently being sent to Neil Kernon in Chicago for MIXING!! Excited, album is gonna be TOUGH as nails!!

You may be famous, but are you google street map famous? Special thanks to Mario Morales Betancourt for the keen eye!!

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Hey, my Great-Nephew (my nephew’s kid) made an album!! Kid’s got it!!

Soundcloud HERE

Itunes HERE

And on TV HERE

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