June 2020: Buy Alarum Circle’s End album and merch: HERE

I did an interview with Nate Goyer and the Vinyl Guide podcast HERE

2020 Alarum Promo / reviews HERE

Massive thanks to Dinner for Wolves and thee best promo machine ever, Chris Maric at Maric Media

I wrote this. I’d like to thank Shannon Tipene and David Gild for their wonderful contributions to making this what it is. Track 4.
I wrote this one as well, and sang chorus. Track 5.
All done on that Ibanez Universe.

2020 NEWS: Man, lots going on!! Flatstick is now on Apple Music, Spotify, Google Play, etc.. Alarum album Circle’s End has dropped, and it’s getting great reviews, which I’m personally stoked about. We’ll gig as soon as it’s possible. Stay safe!!

Get on the mailing list!!

Alarum supporting Obscura at Melbourne’s Corner Hotel

Hit 15.7 thousand subscribers on my YouTube channel!! Way stoked!! Please sub!!

Exclusive interview with guitar bad ass Brandon Ellis HERE

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