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This ole chestnut..

RIP EDWARD VAN HALEN (Jan 26, 1955 – Oct 6, 2020)


Van Halen I album lessons HERE

Van Halen II album lessons HERE

Van Halen Women and Children First albums lessons HERE

Van Halen Fair Warning album lessons HERE

Eddie Van halen LIVE lessons HERE

Eddie Van Halen Live Without a Net solo breakdowns HERE

If I ever helped you with a Van Halen song, please DONATE so I can put $$ towards EVH Tribute tattoo and 7 String Frankie.

I’m numb. 2020 couldn’t suck any harder. Yngwie and PG best not leave the house, lord knows what’s coming next. I received a plethora of text messages this morning, hell, my buddy Ben even called me before my alarm went off. Cancer is a massive piece of shit. You’d think we’d have nailed cancer dead in its tracks by now, but no. It has taken quite a few people I love. 65 is not old. As I type this, Eruption has just came up on my phone. Fitting. I have the first 4 VH albums on shuffle.

It may be hard at first, but we need to celebrate Ed’s music, his life. The dude gave us so many techniques for guitar it boggles the mind. And his bends were fully insane. FULLY. At least radio will be good again. For awhile, anyways. There’ll be a shit ton of tributes on YouTube, bet your ass I’ll do more than one. I love Ed. He taught me a lot, definitely inspired my dumb ass.

My heart goes out to his family, especially Wolf and Alex. Janie and Val, etc etc..It’s gotta suck. And it’s got me freaking out because my dad goes into back surgery in Nov. He’s 81 and they go in from the front. jeez..2020 is just a bag full of shit surprises.

Okay, I’m at work on lunch, I gotta go. Ed, I never met you, but man did I love you. Your songs and guitar playing touched the way no other probably has. Rest in peace with Holdsworth, Peart, Reinert, and every other bad ass that has passed. Everyone’s there, waiting for you, standing ovation, hugs, and you’re with your parents now. Your contribution to music is FUCKING HUGE.

With love,


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