Paranormal experience #1 – Fresno, Ca.

I didn’t see a ghost, but I heard one.

Roughly mid 90’s, I would have been about 24.

I was living in San Jose Ca but decided to go to Fresno to visit my mother. She lived in a 3 bedroom house (Grandma occupied the other bedroom, but she had passed years earlier) just off Herndon and Cedar. The guest bedroom always had tin foil in the windows to block out the sun (year round). It always gave me the creeps, and I always had vivid unpleasant dreams in that room, but never complained or told anyone about it.

Anyways, one night mom was going on a dinner date with a guy named Chuck. At about 7 or 8, Chuck came into the house, I met him, and off they went. After awhile I went to bed in the old creepy room guest bedroom. As scary as it was, sleep was more important, and I’d just deal with it. I have a pretty vivid imagination and love to be scared shitless, so it must be me, right?

I was half asleep when mom came home. I heard her walk past the room I was in and go to her bedroom. I heard a guy say something from the living room loud enough for mom to respond..Ahh, Chuck’s still here. I heard her walk down the hall. She opened my door and asked what I wanted. “That wasn’t me, that was Chuck..” Mom goes, “Chuck? He dropped me off and left, he never came back in the house. Now, what did you want?”After a brief back and forth (that was bordering on arguing) as to who said what, I had had enough.

Mom slept in the creepy guest bedroom, and I slept in her room.


This is the house, 1652 E Paul Ave. That’s my sister and I during that era, a couple years after the event. Creepy bedroom 1st door on the left pretty much right across from the bathroom door you see there.

If there’s paranormal stuff going on in that house right now (or if you want me to remove the address), email me:, I may have some answers for you. My mother died on her birthday in her bedroom in that house. My niece was also living there and after mom died Misty (niece) would hear footsteps walking down the hall, lights turning on and off, shit like that. Misty would yell out, “Grandma you’re scaring me, knock it off”, and it would stop.

(My mom’s name is Joan if she’s carrying on and it’s freaking you out.) 

Nighty night.

Chatting to Misty on FB chat, she adds:

I have always had a weird feeling in that spare room like it was haunted but I never really heard anything until after grandma died. She would always leave the hall light on & I would go to sleep with it off and it would always turn on in the middle of the night. Nothing weird started happening until after she died. Right after that, the foot steps, The lights and the clocks. I also heard voices. 




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