Current setup: Ibanez Universe guitars into Line 6 Helix Lite into Carvin TS100 Power amp, Engl Cab. Live it’s Helix into Backline return in the fx loop (PA section of amp), and other jack is DI straight to soundman. PERFECT.

My current rig. This is what Ryan Bailey helps me out with. I’ll be using 8 snapshots, more or less. Just watch the vid.

2018: Have an HD500? Download my tones!

Sounds tough as f*ck.

Do you have an Ibanez Universe? Become apart of our Facebook group HERE

So…My 90’s Green Dot on the left, an Rg7620 Bumblebee, and my workhorse on the far right. All outfitted with Bare Knuckle Black Hawks.

Green dot now Green body!!

This lovely green beast is the last 7 string I’ll ever need. The Ibanez Universe UV777. Only 340 were made. Every now and then you’ll see them on Ebay for $3k – $5k. One day I’ll own one. But, having said this, I am extremely ecstatic for the guitars I already have. Both my current guitars kick ass, and are VERY easy to play.

Amps: Fender Gdec (for teaching/YouTube), and Line 6 Vetta Head II


Strings: D’Addario EXL120 (artist endorsement, thanks Mark, Pete, and D’Addario Australia!!)

Nov 13, 2013: Today my black RG1570 was outfitted with Seymour Duncan pickups; JB Trembucker, Classic Stack Plus for Strat, and Custom 5. Thanks Scott Olsen and Seymour Duncan for this awesome opportunity!

John D’Addario popped into my work. I love them strings!! April 24, 2013.

johnny d


It was a pleasure meeting you during my recent visit to Australia.  Your enthusiasm for our products is very much appreciated and I hope you enjoy them for many years to come.

Regards, John D’Addario


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