Guitar Clinician

In 1998 when I landed in Australia, I did clinics for Ibanez guitars / Peavey amps for about a year or so under the supervision of Australian guitar great Harvey James (RIP). I also hooked the Meshuggah guys up with an Ibanez endorsement. I’ve told that story HERE. I also helped Meshuggah with their Line 6 endorsement as well. Never underestimate the power of an email.

I’ve also done clinics for Line 6 (circa 2004~ish) out here in Oz. Now I’m free of doing clinics for the time being. I would love an Ibanez endorsement. I’ve been playing their guitars for the good part of 20 years. I’ll hit them up once my electronic press kit is shmick as all get out.

I bought the Prestige in 2010 in Fresno when I was visiting my family, and I bought the Universe years ago off Gary McKay for a steal. I’m the 4th owner, and I know the other owners: Adrian Corti and Ben Quirk. They definitely didn’t love it as much as I do. I played it at many cover gigs. Never in a metal band though. Trip out.

Cover band 7 string goodness, sweeps whilst singing (tail end of solo in Highway to Hell)!

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