You? Doug Steele? Why? HOW?

Okay, so I am a metalhead. Love Thrash, Death Metal, shred guitar, double bass madness, the whole aggression vibe in general. But sometimes, your poor little ears need a break!! You’re a musician, you love Holdsworth, Kylie, Cat Power, Van Halen, Steely Dan, Tower of Power; whatever!!

My current fave. Like metal, it needs to be loud. Jazzy Perfection.

So, at work (for me it’s a warehouse), I like to listen to music that inspires me to MOVE. I find metal can be too angry at times, and I usually save it for when I’m having a horrible day. And lemme tell you it gets cranked. Marty in the service department brought in his surround sound system, and that’s why he is my personal hero. ha ha..

So..two music genres that uplift (well, three if you count Gypsy Jazz) is Latin Jazz and Drum N Bass. Now, since I’m new to Drum N Bass , I basically went to itunes, grabbed a compilation, found what I liked, and went from there. The one constant with drum n bass will be the BPM’s and the drum beat, but even that can be a touch varied. It’s primary objective is to make you dance your ass off. Some of it’s Jazzy, some glitchy, listen to these tracks I’ve personally selected for you. You can play your guitar over these!!!

I love this here Pendulum album and song down below.

So I do have a criteria that must be met. Mad groove, great vocals, (either sampled or recorded) and a hook, if you will. Jazzy chords / vibes a must unless you have something of equal madness to offer. The dudes I’m into most are DJ Marky, DJ Hazard, Pendulum, Pola & Bryson..There’s really not much more to say than I want to make a Drum N Bass album with heavy guitars and natural sounds. No one’s really doing it the way I envision it being done, so I’ll fucking do it. There’s still lots of room to get wild in this genre…It’s a great genre!! Groove oriented..It makes me really wanna dance, and I am not a good dancer at all, but Man…..GGGAHHHHHHHHHH!!!

This is my all time fave, Blake’s voice is thee fucking business.
Bit more hardcore, but still an absolute gas!!!!

If you’re into drum n bass something brutal and you can drop me some cool shit, please, email me: doug.steele@gmail.com

Love this!!! Even the 9 minute version.

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