Media Pics

MEDIA PICS (Newer stuff will be Heavy Magazine stuff.) I can behave when I need to.


Chuck Billy from Testament at 2014 Soundwave Festival.  Video interview HERE


Ryan Knight from The Black Dahlia Murder. Straight up burns on guitar. Top three guitarists in metal now. At 2014 Soundwave Festival


Rob Caggiano from Volbeat  at 2014 Soundwave Festival


Filter’s Richard Patrick  at 2014 Soundwave Festival


Noodles from Offspring at Vans Warped Tour 2013


Wes Hauch from The Faceless and Glass Casket. Another monster on guitar. Lives near my hometown in Fresno. Poor guy, ha ha.


Devin Townsend Oct 2013

lita 2

Nelli Scarlet and Lita Ford 2013. Video interview HERE

kerry king

Slayer’s Kerry King. And Sheri Vengenza busting the ole’ photobomb. Soundwave.

chop cho

Uncle Chop Chop. This was Triple M days. We were doing an outside broadcast inside Pentridge prison, and he was there to scare these contestants. Well, he scared the shit out of me. He totally had crazy eyes.


9 responses to “Media Pics

  1. never knew you did all this other awesome stuff, nice website as well! Why not add pictures of you with your Van Halen guitars? I would if I owned such beauties.

  2. “The history of my hair.” Good one. My hair IS history.
    Thanks for having me on your website, brother.
    Maybe we can do a reunion gig someday. Pure VAN HALEN.

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