Abridged version: Doug Steele (John Sanders) has been playing in bands since he was 14. John’s current band Alarum (Dinner for Wolves) has just released new album in 2020, Circle’s End. He plays and teaches guitar. Past jobs include guitar clinician (Ibanez, Line 6, Dean guitars), radio personality (Australia’s Austereo network), Guitar columnist, podcaster, music interviewer / Interviewee. John’s YouTube Channel “does okay” and features guitar lessons of “the 80’s dudes” as well as guitar lessons for the songs and solos of Eddie Van Halen (circa ’78 – 84).

John is orignally from Fresno (don’t laugh) California, and currently resides in Melbourne, Australia with his wife Alex.



Albums: Fluid Motion (1999), Eventuality (2004), Natural Causes (2011), Circle’s End (2020).

Latest Alarum Tour

Europe 2012: Alarum and Levitation Hex. Progpower Holland, Germany, Switzerland, Poland, Budapest, France, Czech Republic, Slovenia.

guitar article

Past bands include Flatstick, Brothel, and Sinister Sam.

Online Presence

Doug Steele YouTube Channel

Subscribers:  16.4K


Video Views: 5.2 million+(roughly 1,500 hits per day)

Online TV personality: Heavy TV (for a few years).


Guitar Columnist: Heavy Magazine (Australia wide)



D’Addario, Planet Waves, SKB Cases

Dream endorsements: Ibanez, Line 6, Dickies

Private / Online guitar instructor

3 responses to “Bio

  1. excellent info on you doug..’john’ 🙂 great to know you are self-taught as well. love the progressive music you’re doing…. reminds of our own dream theatre. personally i am not into playing let alone writing in the vein but i can surely appreciate it and i darn well learn from it and have picked up some cool stuff from it. it may be early, but Happy Birthday to you!! surely not your 28th…lol, i wish i could have the skills i have musically now, when i WAS 28! but ya know what i have learned being able to shred pretty darn good and for hours on end these days?? having such a lengthy, i’ll call it a ‘ music education’, at 52, my hands, specifically fingers, joints, muscles and all, are FAR from worked out or slowed down. all those years of slow education (ear training i guess) enabled my hands to stay fully in shape with very little abuse. in comparison, you get someone whos been burning the fretboard up since they were 18, albums, tours, road warrioring, and by their 40’s, their hands are destroyed and they have greatly reduced their abilities after all the punishment. you seem to be along my line in years… maybe a few younger, just a guess… stay in shape as best we can without overkill and rock and rock and rock. ok brother… just being friendly as fellow metal vh lovers. are a member on the vhstrungout forums? if so, there is co-owner, i will call him, who lives down under too… his name is simon phillips. if you are not a member of the site, check it out.. the owner, ben italiano is a fantastic guy and REAL friend of the great one himself, EVH…. ben has a long history with the band as a touring soundman… check it out! hope to hear back from you. i am fb too… guitarsjm real name, john martini email, or

    p.s. as far as stats go… CONGRATS on being in the top numbers!! my band, old band that is, BlakLyte had some of the highest ranking and longest lasting stats in the heavy metal/hard rock genres on . the site itself had hundreds if not thousands of artists of all kinds and was quite ‘out there’. something happened to them/the site a while back and it got hijacked somehow so bad, that it just disappeared. you cant even find anything out about it and it was around for years! i wish i could!

    hope to hear back from you! god bless!

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