Through radio, I’ve done all sorts of emcee appearances; nightclubs, in-stores, movie premieres, you name it, I’ve probably done it or done something extremely close. The wildest one was Charlie’s Angels Full Throttle Movie Premiere. I was standing right next to Cameron Diaz, ahhhh yeah!! The most recent one I’ve done was Phillip Island Tough Mudder 2012. I was the main stage MC, and well, I rocked. I’m real good at the unscripted stuff. I really need to think about getting an agent / manager.

Yeah, I couldn’t find a pic for this page, lol..

More Doug Steele Emcee events: Fat Pizza (Melbourne leg), Roc Estedfodd Challenge, M-One mosh pit, Kostya Tszyu dvd release, Good Charlotte instore, Stabbing Westward acoustic gig, Rob Mills instore, various bars/clubs various Village movie premieres, etc.


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