Paranormal experience #2 – The Orb

This happened 7 plus years ago, I’ll do my best to recollect as well as a feebly minded old man can, Stan..

Alex and I were in bed, trying to go to sleep. Normal night, I feel like it was Summer only because I love Summer and Winter is a piece of shit..

After a considerable amount of time, Alex asked if I was asleep, I wasn’t.

She goes, “Look over there” And that’s when I opened my eyes and looked..Upper left corner of our bedroom, floating above our dresser, was a fucking blue orb!! We had some natural light coming in from outside, plus this thing gave off its own blue luminescence.  Just hangin’, pretty much..


So imagine the light’s off, and there’s some moonlight coming in through the blinds that aren’t currently drawn. We also have light coming out from the bathroom (building’s lamp is extremely close to our shower window, so two light sources pretty much. We are not in pitch black by any stretch.

Now, we had heard friend’s stories of freaky shit before, and I’ve watched a million crime shows, so in my hyper vigilant paranoia and ‘not to taint eyewitness testimony’ or whatever, I said, “Yeah, I see describe it to me..” And then she went on to say blue orb a little smaller than a soccer ball floating in the corner of the room..I don’t remember if it was ‘fixed’ in the air or kind of bobbing, but it was definitely there.


EXACTLY what it looked like. I lie. It was more outlines than solid, it gave me the impression of a jellyfish, and I think it had tails or something below it. I could be wishing it had that. 

Now here’s the anticlimax…….After 10 minutes, Alex is like, “I’m going to bed, see ya.” She rolled over and was out. The orb wasn’t exactly giving off an evil vibe so I said to it, ‘You can stay and hang out, just don’t kill us..’ This was pre ‘good camera’ smart phone. I had a nokia with an absolutely shitty camera, and it was most likely in the other room so I was like, “fuck it..”

In fact, this experience was so underwhelming that I didn’t even get out of bed to investigate further. I looked at it for about 15 minutes and after awhile, got tired, rolled over, and went to sleep.

The next day there was a note at the end of the bed..”Thanks for not bothering me, I had been travelling through the universe for what felt like an eternity, and I really just needed to wind down and make a list of TV shows my friends keep talking about. I was thinking about whether I give Gilmore Girls another shot when you two noticed me..You have a lovely home..Toby.”

Look, here’s the facts: we saw a blue floating orb at night and didn’t fuck with it.


PS – I do have a third story..For my birthday some friends took me to Ararat Lunatic Asylum, and it was thee shit..Girl fainted three times in this one room, Maria and I heard men talking downstairs (there WAS no one downstairs)..

You can hear me talk about the Ghost Tour here starting at 7:28




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