Online Guitar Lessons

$40 USD for half hour, $70 USD for hour, payable via paypal.

Email: doug.steele at

Album Solos: 2020

“Dude, you honestly would make a great guitar teacher. lol It took me about a year to get the diminished patterns all down because I’m all self taught. Just looking at your video, I learned one extra diminished pattern I didnt know and it only took a few minutes to do! I wish more guitarist would teach things the way you do! Thanks for posting this video! Keep up with the shredding dude! It’s great! >:D” –YouTube comment

“There are a million good guitarists/teachers on the ‘ol YouTube … But only one place to get an epic line like “harmonize it with a friend/sounds wacky tobaccy.” Doug Steele … Best in the bidnazz.” – YouTube comment

Album Solos: 1999

“Hey, Doug Steele,hows it going! Just want to send you a congrats on your moving on with your career in music bro. Your channel is the only instructional vid that I pretty much watch on Youtube. I have sent you comments before and you always seem to find the time to comment back and that is what makes you the man that you are bro. I enjoy all the tutorials and the laughs of your instructional vids. I like your self am in my 40’s 45 to be exact have been playing guitar since I was 19 or 20 and never dedicated myself as much as you have to the instrument and it damn well shows. I am a true North Canadian boy and if you ever find yourself in the Niagara Falls Ontario area which I live 15 min. from let me know and im sure I can hook you up for showing you the area, have a couple beers and maybe jam or be your guitar tech. LOL! Anyways bro like I said CHEERS and good luck! and I will look you up online so I can keep getting your tutorials! Thanx” – YouTube comment


30 years of guitar


18 responses to “Online Guitar Lessons

  1. Hey Doug, thank you for all the VH video tutorial uploads. I know you use the Pod XT Live for your tone and it sounds great. I have been chasing the early EVH tone since I first heard it in 1978. Have you heard those Marshall heads with the Rockstah Mod5? It completely nails the early EVH tone.
    I sent my Marshall 1987x over to them for the Mod & will let you know how it sounds when I get it back.


    • Yeah, I forget the guy’s name, he’s been posting stuff in CVH forum. His shit rocks, as well as his guitar playing. My fun is trying trying to get brown sound out of digital shit. If and when I ever get $$, it’s for guitars, not amps. At the end of the day, I’ll get axe FX ultra and be done with it.

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  4. Hey Doug, hope your having a blessed day. What are your feelings about Randy Rhoads? I’d like to buy some teaching vids or whatever. Songs like YOU CAN’T KILL ROCK N ROLL. FLYING HIGH AGAIN. OVER THE MOUNTAIN. I’VE BEEN playing for 40 years. So I do know these songs but their are some strange chords I can’t pin down with his classical training. Could you do these three songs fully. If you could make them on CD or personal uTube , Id really. Like the CD, but whatever. So how much would it cost US money for these three songs. You’re the best teacher out there in my opinion, and your a cool guy. God Bless You Doug. Can you reply to my email if possible that way I know ill get your reply………Mark

    • Hey Mark. I’d like to do it, but finding the time will be crazy. My wife’s currently at home bedridden, she’s on a bunch of meds for migraines. I can’t even quote you a price yet, keep checking back with me.

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  6. Hey Doug not sure if you got my message but I have you tokai get back to me I would love to get it back to you

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