Flatstick albums Omnicore and Unfinished Business now on Apple Music, Spotify, Google Play, Napster, etc..Go get!!

Alarum currently playing Not Fit To Breathe in their live setlist

The French love Flatstick!

New Flatstick website HERE

Omnicore album on YouTube HERE

Flatstick is:

Doug Steele: Guitar, All male vocals, bass, keys and drum programming

Gary McKay: Guitars, bass, keys and drum programming, producer/mixer

Marcel Yamounni: Bass on Bend Over, Twilight Dementia, and Bitter

Finn Waters: Sax on Bend Over

Lisa Huntington: Asian girl on Tony!

Jennifer Hayes: Female vocal on The Perfect Day

Recorded in a A Secret Place in Heidelberg, Vic circa 1999. Mastered by John Ruberto at Crystal Mastering.

Recorded in a bedroom at Gary’s house, using a Yamaha DAW and minimal pro tools.

And no, this project has never played live. We sold roughly 500 copies out of the music store we worked, and that was it. Not much of a happy ending here. Gary died of cancer and the recorder burned in the black saturday fires, so all that we recorded for album two is GONE. I’m going to re-record and have guest guitarists all up on here. It will get released.

Flatstick was a studio project with my close friend and fellow guitar teacher Gary McKay (RIP). We released one album (Flatstick’s Omnicore) in 2000 which stayed in mp3.com’s top 10 metal songs for about a year. Chris Adler from Lamb of God heard the songs from mp3.com and tried to get us signed. LA session drummer (currently touring with Alice Cooper) Glen Sobel and Haji’s Kitchen also like the Flatstick CD, which is a cross between FNM, Zappa, some electronica tidbits, and heavy doses of shred guitar.

I played the Universe (which I made Gary sell me, ha ha) on the solo to Adios.

Adios was a song I had posted on MP3.com years ago, and that’s how I started my dialogue with Chris Adler from Lamb of God. We’d chat on ICQ about metal, life, etc etc. This was back when the band was still called Burn the Priest. He told me the band was gonna blow up and that Flatstick should tour with them. My response? ‘Dude, we’re two guys in recording in Gary’s spare guest room.”  And we couldn’t find the players anyways, at least not in 2000.

To my musical soulmate Gary McKay. RIP. So many laughs, so much booze!!

Check out the US band I was in before Flatstick HERE

A nice email

Believe it or not, but for many years I’ve owned this peculiar little album called Omnicore.  Not sure when exactly it entered my collection but I can say that it’s always been a favourite.

Today, while sitting here finally committing my collection to the PC (a long and arduous task in itself), I decided to actually research Flatstick to see if I could find anything to educate me!  Obviously, my arrival here suggests that I did have some luck.     :o)

So, without further ado, and while still not really knowing all that much about you guys,  I will say ‘great work!’…….Omnicore has always been a really cool album which has given me much pleasure over the years.  Trust me, there’s not too many albums that maintain their appeal with me for an overly long time.  Add to that the fact that I’m verging on 40 and have listened to metal since ’87, and you will hopefully appreciate the calibre of my compliment.

Whatever your future holds and whatever musical direction you may take, may you and the band members enjoy much happiness, both personally and professionally.

Take care


Thanks!! Gary and I had lots of fun (and alcohol) whilst making that album. The songs wrote themselves. One day I will finish album two, by hook or by crook. I also want to get into chill/out stuff as well. We’ll see!!


6 responses to “Flatstick

  1. Hey there Doug/John,hows things?I have talked to you not personally but through messaging on Youtube a while back when I came across your instructional vids.I have been playing and wielding a guitar since the 80’s also but always find time to look for other ideas and the learning process in music is neverending.Of all the vids on youtube your vids seemed to catch my eye/ear more than any other,probably cause you put a little comedy in there as well as being serious at the same time.As I really got more into your profile,I realised you have what I would call a great career going in music and radio in Austrailia.I have checked out your Sinister Sam vids and have listened to some of your work you did in Flatstick and honestly could not believe you didnt get signed to a major label.I mean there are some bands out there who are strictly posers with absolutely no talent getting deals and then there is guys like yourself who have incredible skills but never make it there.I enjoy everything I have heard of yours on an honest scale and not a “I want to kiss your ass” scale.You said you would love to re-record the second demo to get it out there and I think it should be recorded as I agree your music needs to be heard! I am the dude on youtube whos screen name is “EvilLeprachaun”and I would love for you to put some more of the Flatstick stuff out there cause I think it’s fu****g awesome bro!”Rock On and Keep on Rockin”as I will keep on watching for your music! P.S. I am also on your facebook friends list as “Darren James McCarthy” from out of the Niagara Falls On.Canada area!Cheers bro.

  2. I miss Flatstick.

    I was born in 1980 and started playing guitar when I was 15 so that was 1995, Omnicore came out in 2000. I had been playing five years when I first heard you guys. I could play most of the rhythm parts by then but didn’t even dream of touching the solos until later.

    Tony was incredibly funny because at the time I was dating a Japanese chick, she thought it was hilarious.

    Twilight Dementia, Adios, haha. Those songs were so good. I kept having to describe you guys as some weird death metal version of Faith No More mixed with Meshuggah and SYL. It got kind of annoying, so I just started burning CDs of Flatstick and saying goto mp3.com and check them out. It was a bitch with dialup then.

    It’s so weird, Jeff from Slayer died, Dimebag is gone, your homie Gary. It’s surreal as someone who was just a teenager at the time learning to play to know you’ll never get a new Pantera song, or you’ll never hear another Jeff Hanneman slayer song, or that some band you listened to on mp3.com is gone.

    When you first start playing, it’s hard not to be influenced by what you hear, more so than some other things. It genuinely sucks on a personal level knowing you won’t ever get anymore of something that helped define you as a musician.

    So yeah, I’m burning a Flatstick cd for a student now.

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