I Love Dweezil Zappa

I started listening to Frank Zappa when I was 14 or 15, maybe even younger. My sister’s husband Dave was a massive Zappa head and had all his albums. Anytime I’d visit Lynda, I’d grab some headphones, some Zappa albums, and get to it. I found the album covers, lyrics, and music wacky and awesome. I knew about Steve Vai from Zappa, probably the stunt guitar off You Are What You Is.

I’m 9 months older than The Dweez, but I didn’t really know about him until I was 13 or so, when Dr Demento played Dweezil’s song “My Mom’s a Space Cadet” on his radio show. I heard Dweez’s solo and I was amazed and jealous, ha ha. “That fucker!” I thought. “He’s probably being taught by EVH and Vai and whoever else pops around Dad’s house!” I wanted Frank to be my dad!

Check out the solo. Massive Vai and VH influences. I was nowhere near that and just in awe a kid my age was busting that shit out.

So a few years back I heard Dweezil was putting together ZPZ, and I gotta be honest, I thought he was going to fuck that right into the ground. My brother in law bought me the DVD for Xmas, and we watched it then and there. I was pleasantly surprised to say the least. And when I heard Dweezil soloing, I damn near shat myself. WOW!! That motherfucker went back to the woodshed and sorted himself out. Like, hardcore. That takes serous dedication and time. Lots of time.


Buy this DVD now, and thank me later. With beer. If you don’t like it, then you’re a psychopath. 

I know who I like more

There’s only TWO guys I have heard vastly improve throughout their career (most get that first royalty check and go the opposite way – I won’t name names, I don’t have to – use your fuckin’ ears), but Greg Howe and Dweezil are great examples of continuing to improve..

The day before I got married, I went with four friends to ZPZ at The Art Centre in Melbourne, Australia in 2007. We had great seats. I think Ray White was guest vocalist. Anyways, they were going to write a song on the spot and asked if anyone had a title for it. I stood up and yelled, “I’m getting married tomorrow!” Dweezil asked if that were in fact, true, and I confirmed that indeed it was. We had a nice little chat in front of everybody. They did a 12 bar thing that was just awesome. Sooo fucking cool.

I’ll stop now, but Dweezil? You are a fucking gun, man. A serious bad ass musician and guitarist. You went from full on EVH rip off with hints of Vai to a serious calibre guitarist up there with the likes of Howe and Garsed, for sure. Frank would be beyond proud. Thanks for doing the ZPZ as well. I’d love to come to a ZPZ camp, we’ll see how we go. Shit ain’t cheap, ha ha. But yes, I love telling other guitarists that you’re a bad ass and vastly underrated, which is a fucking travesty.

But yeah, I love you lots.


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