I love Gypsy Jazz!

Holy Fucking Shit! 


Django Reinhardt: Absolute fucking GENIUS!!

Now, I’ve known about Gypsy Jazz for ages. Had a Django “Best of” Box set, the whole deal. Lately I think I’ve been pretty bored with music, life, everything. It comes with age.

So a couple weeks back I was searching for Gypsy Jazz on YouTube and came across this gem:

I love this music!! It has melody, swing, the shit cooks!! And you don’t need an amp! This is my current favourite clip:

Apparently the dude on the right can’t read music, is pretty much self taught…That’s fucking nuts!! That is some serious talent and dedication to be pulling out solos like that off the top of your head with those key changes and that tempo. There’s modes, arpeggios, I find it totally amazing and so utterly musical. IT”S the FUCKING SHIT!!

I think I may take GJ lessons. Even just a few to open my mind up a bit. Check out this guy on the right, he’s pretty much the Jason Becker of swing guitar:

Having said that, Gonzalo Bergara is an absolute fucking GUN!!

Let me encourage you to go grab a guitar and try to play over the top of this Django song. I think the key is probably try to learn the Django song note for note by ear..I tried earlier tonight and it reminded me of how long that shit takes! But nothing worthwhile is never easy, you gotta work at it.

Gypsy Jazz, you are BEAUTIFUL! If I die and there’s music, that’s what I’ll hear as I fly around the Universe!!

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One response to “I love Gypsy Jazz!

  1. ANNNNND…Django is THE ONLY person with a style of music connected to them as a single person. Gypsy Jazz IS Django and VICE VERSA. Lots of people play it now, but Django essentially inveted it and is identified directly with it.

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