Alarum Europe 2012

So from Oct 3 to about Oct 23 we were on tour in Europe. We did Progpower in Baarlo, Netherlands, as well as Germany, Slovenia, Budapest, Poland, Czech Republic, Switzerland, and France. I had never been to Europe before, and what better way to go than to fucking TOUR? It was mad.

So, there were 8 of us; both Alarum and Levitation Hex, as well as Jimmy Moore, our soundguy. The 9th member was our driver/friend/family member Zdenek. He’s known for doing the Psycroptic Europe tours doing vocals as the Aussie dude has kids and shit.


We started out in Amsterdam and our last day was in Amsterdam as well. It was fitting. Touring is pretty tough for an out of shape 43 year old guy, but I did well, as did the rest of the guys. I’ve had back surgery, so there were times on the bus where I wanted to get out and walk, but I didn’t want to be the bitch either, so I’d shut my mouth and what will be will be.

Highlights for me were: Playing ProgPower (our first gig to kick the whole thing off), Playing a club in Nurnberg Germany which is now being remodelled…I mean, every gig was fun, every gig was good. Sometimes the small gigs had the best vibe and performance. One thing’s for sure; a band that’s playing almost every night get tight whether they want to or not. Both bands were killing it, and from what I’ve heard, nothing but good reports. Some of the compliments were pretty outlandish, and I won’t be repeating them here for fear of getting a beatdown. Let’s just say people were rrrreal nice.


I’d like to thank Sebastian Englehardt from Germany  who got us the gig, fed food and gave us beer, let us stay at his place. The guy went way beyond what he had to to make sure we were okay. He is a wonderful host and human being.

I’d also like to thank Zdenek, from the Czech Republic, who drove us everywhere (even Auwschwtiz), made sure we were okay, booked some gigs for us, pulled over whenever we needed food or had to pee. He, like Sebastian are part of the family now. Either one of them can stay at my joint any time they come to Oz.


We were so drunk in Zed’s hometown that he couldn’t find out where the hostel was, kept walking across the street, and was only talking to the band members in Czech!!! Then when they finally made it to the hostel, he was talking to the desk chick in English!!! When I heard that the next day, I was in tears.


Day two in Amsterdam. I had to wear the asshole hat.

I don’t know how we did financially, but we made new friends, jammed with new bands, and met a fuckload of great people. So, in my eyes, the shit was a success!!! I think everyone who took part would agree. We ALL had a blast.




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  1. fuck, i’m popular: mighty doug fckn’ steele put a photo with me in it on his website hahah! i’m glad you had some great time! cheers!

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