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That’s it. I check the shit daily.

Tip-Jar: Please help a broke ass musician. For reals. poor.

(I’m in the process of setting up a Patreon account but I feel fairly uncomfortable about it)

Every now and then people will drop $$ into my paypal, and I fucking love it. Here are the things that donation money goes to: Metal shirts, guitar picks, and that’s pretty much it. It always goes to music stuff. The last time was just last week, my friend Chuck sent me $50 USD because I said in a youtube lesson “$10 in my Paypal right now and I’ll  lock my Floyd Rose” (it went out of tune and sounded horrendous). With Chuck’s donation, I bought a Vicious Rumors Shirt, a Forbidden shirt (King Diamond Merch didn’t have the stuff I wanted in XXL (Yes, I big and fat), some Ultex Jazz III picks, and a 50 pack of ear plugs. MUSIC STUFF!! Not bills or food or roses for my lovely wife Alex, but Ultex Jazz III guitar picks and metal shirts!! Musical necessities!!

For the VH youtube lessons, I’ve had people send me VH bootleg stuff on cd, have had VH tour shirts sent to my house, fun, cool shit. it’s always appreciated and always worn!!

Wanna send a massive donation? Are you uber rich and want to help a fun musician out? For $10K I will buy home studio gear. I’ll name the studio after you.



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