I love Drag Queens

ru pauls

Two Ru’s!!

Awhile back our friends Lara and Dillon gave us one of their accounts to Stan (Aussie version of Netflix alternative). After watching a fuckton of Ash Vs The Evil Dead, I got bored and wanted to check out other stuff.

Check out Tatania as Britney Spears..fucking NAILS IT!! And is better looking!!

So I started watching Ru Paul’s Drag Race..Kinda like America’s Next Top Model but with Drag Queens!! Ru Paul gives them challenges they have to complete (and score well), where the bottom two girls at the end of the show have to Lip Synch “for your life!!” It’s a laugh.

I think I’ve watched from Season 2 forward, and I’m on either 6 or 7. Anyways, I love it. Drag Queens are just gay guys who love performing. There are SOME breeders who do drag, but that’s more the exception than the rule. You’d’ really trip the fuck out when they go from guy to girl, the transformation is pretty breathtaking. I have so far been able to predict at least three winners at the end of the season..since then I’ve just had Lara tell me who wins ’cause I’ll watch regardless. I’m into the journey, brah!


What I love about drag queens: They have heart! A lot of these guys have it hard just being gay; bullied in high school, parents may be cunts about their sexuailty, etc etc. If you had a hard time in life and you’re straight, imagine all those hardships AND being gay (unless you were a 6’10” black belt in everything and hypervigilant as allll fuck). But a lot of these guys are not. They’re a tad more feminine than the average straight guy. So yeah, I always root for the underdog and someone who is true to themselves, even it’s going to be the more challenging road travelled. The show also rocks because the vulgarity IS LEFT IN..Yes, all the fuck words, it’s great!! Ru Paul is a great host (and pretty much the most beautiful DQ of the bunch) and she’s fair and extremely funny. I love her as a man or a woman. The heart is genderless (don’t quote me on that).

Watch some clips on YouTube, it’s very entertaining, funny, and you get to see beautiful women..portrayed by men. It’s a hoot.


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