I LOVE Bruce Lee


1970’s. This the poster, alongside Farrah Fawcett and KISS

For my 10th birthday, my grandmother said she’d take me to the movies and I could pick what I wanted to see. I chose a double feature; Game of Death and Maniac. I loved both movies, grandma thought one was too violent and the other too gory. But she was a champ and didn’t leave, so kudos to her.

I don’t even recall Enter the Dragon much, except Bruce kicking the fuck out of a guy stuck in a locker, and the Kareem Abdul Jabbar bit. Bruce Lee was just a fucking bad ass, pure and simple.

So for whatever reason I’m in a Bruce Lee YouTube rabbithole, and I fucking love it. What I love about Bruce was his dedication to his art, his desire to always improve, his physical prowess, and his SPEED. Amazing shit. I am in awe of him.

I love so much about Bruce I cannot even list ’em all. I’m just happy I was on the same planet as that guy. LOVE LOVE LOVE!!

And we’re both Sagittarius! Yesssahhhh!!


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