I love Andy Larocque

And King Diamond, for that matter.

Watch the above clip, I pretty much tell the story about KD and Andy after my two solo.

Fave albums: Abigail, Them.


Some people can’t handle King’s falsetto vocals. I happen to think it’s perfect for the music. I seriously suggest you check out the album Abigail and give it a proper listen. If you can’t hang, then KD is definitely not for you. I’m still kicking myself for not checking out Abigail in ’87. Better late than never.

I’m into anything scary, be it ghosts, music, movies, whatever. I love it. I’m a tad macabre.


“Is that so, Douglas?!”

I dig Andy’s playing. the solos he did on Death’s Individual Thought Patterns was MAD ASS. His vibrato is sooooo nice. His harmony solos are outta this world. I just love the guy. And you should too. And if you don’t, you’re an idiot. For reals. You can’t fault that dude.


“I have to agree.”

Full album


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