I love Brandon Ellis

This video right here pretty much sealed the deal.

SUBSCRIBE to Brandon’s YouTube Channel. Stat. 

Check out my exclusive interview with Brandon HERE.


During this past week I found out that The Black Dahlia Murder were playing a show in Melbourne Saturday night. I have tried in the past to add Brandon to FaceBook but his shit was maxed the fuck out and not allowing more friends. Bummer!!

So Thursday I FB private messaged him to say, “Welcome to Aus, if you’re doing lessons in Melbourne I’ll be a part of that, thank you very much..”

Friday during lunchtime I received a response back saying that he’s not doing lessons but he’s happy to put me on the door and we’ll have a beer aftewards..How fucking cool is that??!!

Here, check out his album solos…

So last night I went to the show, and the band were tight as fuck. I don’t really know much about The Black Dahlia Murder, but I had interviewed Trev and Ryan Knight (another fucking MONSTER on guitar) when they played Soundwave and found those dudes to be kick ass human beings. On the strength of that I’m gonna check out some albums. I’m checking out Nocturnal first.

Anyways, I was up front for about half of the show (Brandon’s side of course), but I had to hang back..motherfuckers were up in my business, ha ha.

So afterwards Trevor and Brandon came out and were chatting and taking pics with folks. I was able to shake hands with Brandon, find out how he was doing, etc. I didn’t want to monopolize his time, but in the small amount of time that we did have, he told me that he was 24, and that he’d seen my Shred Durst videos (ha ha ha!!), and that he listened to 80’s Synth Pop in his spare time, and that he really liked the guitarist Blues Saraceno. I got to tell him I saw Cacophony and Racer X live back in the late 80’s. I saw these gigs before he was fucking BORN. He’s a fucking gem, this guy.


Probably thee fucking worst photo I have ever taken in my life. 

What I love about ole’ Brandon

His fucking vibrato is outta this world and he fucking burns. Case closed. He makes hard passages look easy (wife says that means there’s more in the tank – this dude is still gonna progress, and that’s a scary thought). He’s actually hit the metal guitar god trifecta: chops, looks (stage presence), and youth. I was so pumped about what I had just seen at 1:45 am this morning I emailed a buddy of mine who works at Guitar World magazine and talked Brandon up. The good news is, Nick knows who Brandon is. The bad news is, Nick no longer works at GW but will pass along my email to his buddies who still work there.

Brandon Ellis is the new guy on the scene and he has set the benchmark for metal lead guitar players.  And we are now Facebook friends.


Check out Brandon’s lead work. All solos rule, my current face is track three, Matriarch.


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