Private Guitar Lessons


I’m in the Hawthorn area, $40 a half hour, $70 an hour.

Just email we’ll go from there:

 Online lessons? Go HERE

The Shpiel

Here’s what I play like, look like, act like:

I don’t take myself too seriously and have a pretty relaxed teaching style. If you don’t connect with your teacher, lessons may not be as enjoyable as they could be. Lets have fun taking your playing to the next level.

25 years experience, 10 of those teaching. Influences are EVH. George Lynch, Paul Gilbert, and Jason Becker. Fave bands are Anthrax, Meshuggah, Strapping Young Lad, FNM, classic KISS and VH, AC/DC, and tons of other stuff..

I’ve done clinics for Ibanez, Peavey, Line 6, and current D’Addario/Planet Waves Endorsee. I really love aggressive music so teaching it is pure joy for me. I’m as much into rhythm guitar as I am lead, because in Metal, you need to have both of those bases covered.

More specifics?

* Licks and scales
* Proper “metal” vibrato
* Sweep arpeggios (3 and 5 string)
* Exercises up the wazoo
* Pinch and natural harmonics
* Whammy bar tricks
* String skipping madness
* Linear scales
* Theory and Modes
* Heavy Metal Faces (JK)
* Legato (left hand) and staccato (picking every note) stuffs
* Ear training
* Tapping techniques
* How to construct metal rhythms
* Playing in key
* How to improvise solos in a metal context

* All playing styles welcome, from beginner to pro



15 responses to “Private Guitar Lessons

  1. Have you thought of making a forum of a sort where we can discuss amongst ourselves but still stay in contact with you? Or is there already one and i haven’t found it yet >.<

  2. I have not heard Sinister Sam since the tape I had melted in 93. The Van Halen videos you posted are ridiculouse the tone is so right on, playing too but the tone is what seperates. Thanks.

  3. Doug,
    Love your VH vids. Learned a ton. In one of them you mentioned you may move on to doing some Lynch vids. Any plans?

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