Email from Jeff Duncan / Armored Saint

Hi Doug.
My name is Jeff Duncan.I play guitar for a band called Armored Saint.Ive been watching and learning Van Halen solos from your vids for a while now and just wanted to drop you a line and say thanx.Being a big Eddie freak for years I’ve found your vids helpful as well as enjoyable.Youre a great player and once again,thank you so much for sharing the info! –Jeff Duncan

jeff duncan—————————————————–

My reply:


 Hello!! What a great email to get on a day off. You and I are probably the same age, but yeah, I looooove Ed. I didn’t have a teacher so I’d just slap a record on the ole’ turntable and force myself to get that shit happenin’. Thanks for the feedback. I’m going to do a few more clips then start on Lynch and DeMartini, ha ha!!
Take care Jeff,



2 responses to “Email from Jeff Duncan / Armored Saint

  1. This is epic indeed…

    EVH owes you a few thank you’s too I’d say, keep up the great work you’re doing with the videos Doug. It’s got me back into learning the guitar after a 2nd haitus. I now realise I’ve not been learning, just playing the same old shit in a different and lazy fashion.

    Nick, 38

    • Thanks man. Just do the amount you feel is enjoyable, and stop if it feels like work. But like anything, if you wanna kick ass at it, you gotta do it every day. Matter o’ fact, I need to get back into that.

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