I LOVE Bruce Lee


1970’s. This the poster, alongside Farrah Fawcett and KISS

For my 10th birthday, my grandmother said she’d take me to the movies and I could pick what I wanted to see. I chose a double feature; Game of Death and Maniac. I loved both movies, grandma thought one was too violent and the other too gory. But she was a champ and didn’t leave, so kudos to her.

I don’t even recall Enter the Dragon much, except Bruce kicking the fuck out of a guy stuck in a locker, and the Kareem Abdul Jabbar bit. Bruce Lee was just a fucking bad ass, pure and simple.

So for whatever reason I’m in a Bruce Lee YouTube rabbithole, and I fucking love it. What I love about Bruce was his dedication to his art, his desire to always improve, his physical prowess, and his SPEED. Amazing shit. I am in awe of him.

I love so much about Bruce I cannot even list ’em all. I’m just happy I was on the same planet as that guy. LOVE LOVE LOVE!!

And we’re both Sagittarius! Yesssahhhh!!

I LOVE LSD – Life Sex and Death

A hundred million years ago the singer of a band I was in back in California (Gary from Sinister Sam) went and saw our friend’s band (Sin City) open for LSD in San Rafael, Ca.

Gary came back from the show and told me about this homeless guy who the club had let in, he smelled horrible and was chatting with all the patrons..Sin City played their set, then LSD started up and the homeless guy got onstage and started doing his thing..turns out HE was the lead singer..And was BAD FUCKING ASS!!!

Now…. I’m not sure if it was the way Gary retold this story to me or I was too closed minded to get it (probably both…if it wasn’t Thrash or Shred I probably wasn’t into it), I bypassed the whole LSD thing completely. Until now. Gary always kept going, “I’m a tank, I’m a tank..” It got old quick and there was no way in hell I was gonna check this shit out..

Until now. I’ve been going back over pockets of bands I missed during my time growing up and giving those bands a first chance..From Swing Out Sister to anything, really..80’s pop and shit..

So I got on the ole’ YouTube and tried LSD’s School is for Fools..And I gotta say, LSD sounds good and Stanley’s moves are THEE SHIT. I’d like to say the moves are awkwardly quirky spurts of brilliance..A buddy who knows Stanley says he’s double and triple jointed. Fucking amazing.

Apparently back in the day LSD were signed to Warner brothers for a six figure sum, then the brass who did the signing bailed shortly after. New people came in, didn’t give two shits about LSD, and the band was dropped before a second album could be done. Bummer. I honestly think if these guys had strong label support and LSD toured opening for Metallica or another huge band, these guys could have really done something special. That first album is a goal mine, pretty much. The band is great, Stanley’s vocals are solid..I’m kicking myself that I didn’t see these guys live. Stanley may have smelled, but that wouldn’t stop me from bear hugging him..or would it?

What I love about LSD: Good solid songs. Listen to the fucking album. I’m not wrong. My favourite song is Jawohl Asshole. It’s pure brilliance..And it has chromatic power chords!! Fuckin’ Shit Ass, another great song!! There’s more than two great songs, trust me…

There’s debate over whether Stanley’s homelessness/bipolar style vibe is an act..Who cares!!! Hats off for committing, I say. Does the illusion of an act make you like the band less? I couldn’t give two shits either way. Here’s what I do know..His dance moves are top tier, bar none. Try doing those moves and not getting winded, or running out of breath..he’s fucking fit. Not to mention the whole band, they are all bad ass musicians in their own right..so to have 3 guys going off in the front and the drummer being a fucking machine, you have 4 points of focus. 4 frontmen, pretty much. I thank LSD for that, it does not go unnoticed. Not from me. I absorb the live band experience like a motherfucker.

Stanley is the best frontman I have not seen live, ha ha ha..I’m just so happy that live footage has made it to video. His finger flourishes are THEE SHIT!! And he can do ’em frontwards and backwards..Go on, try that now, backwards is a fucking feat of nature..or something that piano players can do easily..This band is a fucking gold mine. I hope the bitch who cut them from the label dies in a house fire.

My favourite live clip of the band. I FUCKING LOVE IT!!!

I think I’ll wrap it up. LSD should have been huge. As Fishbone should have eclipsed RHCP and No fucking Doubt in popularity and success, LSD should be bigger than Metallica or at the very least, Alice in Chains (which at times they kinda remind me of).

If you saw these guys live, I’m jealous as fuck of you. And happy you were smart enough to see them.


I LOVE Mike Patton

This is truly a love story. Because at first, I HATED Mike Patton.

patton 1

Total fucking man crush

So in ’89 (I’da been about 20) MTV were playing FNM’s Epic, and The Real Thing would have been going strong. I had heard that Metallica had taken their favourite band Faith No More on the road as support act. I was working at the San Jose International Airport at this stage, and rocker girl from one of the rental car companies loaned me her tape of The Real Thing. I heard the first half of the first song and said, “Fuck this..” I gave it back and said, ‘yeah, this really ain’t for me..’ It would have been the extremely nasal-y vocals. And the no Jason Becker inspired solos, ha ha ha..

Cut to ’92…I had a GF who lived in Livermore. I’d go there on weekends and drive back to San Jose on Sundays. One particular Sunday I needed some driving music and was in an open minded kinda mood. I saw FNM Angel Dust cassette in gf’s bedroom and asked if I could borrow it for the week. I got into my Honda Accord, put in the tape, and started the drive home..Well, Land of Sunshine hit my ears and I heard no more nasally bullshit!! Did the singer get all the boogers out? This a new guy, what happened? I loved that song, and heard more..And whaddya know? By the time I hit San Jose, I loved the band, Angel Dust from beginning to end, and this singer..What’s his name?

And that was it. I had finally fell under the spell of Mike Patton and I’ve never looked back. Saw the Deli Creeps and Bungle at One Step Beyond, FNM in Australia for King For a Day tour, Fantomas and Tomahawk on the same day in Sydney, as well as Mondo Cane in Melbourne. Wife loves him as well.

What I love about Mike: His voice does not give out. Ever. The screams in Smaller and Smaller are BAD ASS. His vocal lines are fucking incredible!! It’s like he tried 10 different ways to sing the line, and either picked the best of ten or weaved ideas 2, 6 and 7 together. I love it. He sings the right thing in the right place all the fucking time. He is the Johnny Depp of music. I feel their paths are kinda similar; they only take on projects they want to do and are willing to take chances whether the project is commercially viable or not. Because it’s not about $$, it’s about art. Aside from his talent, the guy is a great entertainer. I usually hate the space between songs at a live show..”Here’s a song about lost love and the one time Isaac had been…” Yeah yeah yeah, shut the fuck up and play the goddamn song. With Mike, you get witty, funny banter..When FNM played Soundwave out here in Melbourne, they had Chat Roulette going on these two huge screens when they played. It was fucking unbelievable!! Mike’s banter with the CR people as well as the crowd was spot on. He’s the shit, pure  and simple. My wife’s one gripe is that he’s short, lol..So you two won’t be bonin’ anytime soon (yay!!).

Mike, I love you!! I’m not into every single project you’ve ever done, and that’s okay. The stuff I do love I REALLY love, and I still keep trying with the stuff that goes over my head. I’ve even had dreams where we’ve hung out, ha ha..You’ve inspired me as a musician to do what I want when I want, just like Frank. . And when I do get the chance to sing, I either think, “what would Mike sing?” or just straight out rip you off, like every other cunt in the 90’s (and even now) do. Apologies!!


I love Drag Queens

ru pauls

Two Ru’s!!

Awhile back our friends Lara and Dillon gave us one of their accounts to Stan (Aussie version of Netflix alternative). After watching a fuckton of Ash Vs The Evil Dead, I got bored and wanted to check out other stuff.

Check out Tatania as Britney Spears..fucking NAILS IT!! And is better looking!!

So I started watching Ru Paul’s Drag Race..Kinda like America’s Next Top Model but with Drag Queens!! Ru Paul gives them challenges they have to complete (and score well), where the bottom two girls at the end of the show have to Lip Synch “for your life!!” It’s a laugh.

I think I’ve watched from Season 2 forward, and I’m on either 6 or 7. Anyways, I love it. Drag Queens are just gay guys who love performing. There are SOME breeders who do drag, but that’s more the exception than the rule. You’d’ really trip the fuck out when they go from guy to girl, the transformation is pretty breathtaking. I have so far been able to predict at least three winners at the end of the season..since then I’ve just had Lara tell me who wins ’cause I’ll watch regardless. I’m into the journey, brah!


What I love about drag queens: They have heart! A lot of these guys have it hard just being gay; bullied in high school, parents may be cunts about their sexuailty, etc etc. If you had a hard time in life and you’re straight, imagine all those hardships AND being gay (unless you were a 6’10” black belt in everything and hypervigilant as allll fuck). But a lot of these guys are not. They’re a tad more feminine than the average straight guy. So yeah, I always root for the underdog and someone who is true to themselves, even it’s going to be the more challenging road travelled. The show also rocks because the vulgarity IS LEFT IN..Yes, all the fuck words, it’s great!! Ru Paul is a great host (and pretty much the most beautiful DQ of the bunch) and she’s fair and extremely funny. I love her as a man or a woman. The heart is genderless (don’t quote me on that).

Watch some clips on YouTube, it’s very entertaining, funny, and you get to see beautiful women..portrayed by men. It’s a hoot.

I love Brandon Ellis

This video right here pretty much sealed the deal.

SUBSCRIBE to Brandon’s YouTube Channel. Stat. 

Check out my exclusive interview with Brandon HERE.


During this past week I found out that The Black Dahlia Murder were playing a show in Melbourne Saturday night. I have tried in the past to add Brandon to FaceBook but his shit was maxed the fuck out and not allowing more friends. Bummer!!

So Thursday I FB private messaged him to say, “Welcome to Aus, if you’re doing lessons in Melbourne I’ll be a part of that, thank you very much..”

Friday during lunchtime I received a response back saying that he’s not doing lessons but he’s happy to put me on the door and we’ll have a beer aftewards..How fucking cool is that??!!

Here, check out his album solos…

So last night I went to the show, and the band were tight as fuck. I don’t really know much about The Black Dahlia Murder, but I had interviewed Trev and Ryan Knight (another fucking MONSTER on guitar) when they played Soundwave and found those dudes to be kick ass human beings. On the strength of that I’m gonna check out some albums. I’m checking out Nocturnal first.

Anyways, I was up front for about half of the show (Brandon’s side of course), but I had to hang back..motherfuckers were up in my business, ha ha.

So afterwards Trevor and Brandon came out and were chatting and taking pics with folks. I was able to shake hands with Brandon, find out how he was doing, etc. I didn’t want to monopolize his time, but in the small amount of time that we did have, he told me that he was 24, and that he’d seen my Shred Durst videos (ha ha ha!!), and that he listened to 80’s Synth Pop in his spare time, and that he really liked the guitarist Blues Saraceno. I got to tell him I saw Cacophony and Racer X live back in the late 80’s. I saw these gigs before he was fucking BORN. He’s a fucking gem, this guy.


Probably thee fucking worst photo I have ever taken in my life. 

What I love about ole’ Brandon

His fucking vibrato is outta this world and he fucking burns. Case closed. He makes hard passages look easy (wife says that means there’s more in the tank – this dude is still gonna progress, and that’s a scary thought). He’s actually hit the metal guitar god trifecta: chops, looks (stage presence), and youth. I was so pumped about what I had just seen at 1:45 am this morning I emailed a buddy of mine who works at Guitar World magazine and talked Brandon up. The good news is, Nick knows who Brandon is. The bad news is, Nick no longer works at GW but will pass along my email to his buddies who still work there.

Brandon Ellis is the new guy on the scene and he has set the benchmark for metal lead guitar players.  And we are now Facebook friends.


Check out Brandon’s lead work. All solos rule, my current face is track three, Matriarch.

I LOVE The Waitresses

I don’t even know where to begin. 


I always knew I Know What Boys Like, that song has always rocked, and I would get that song mixed up with Never Say Never by Romeo Void. So you know, I’m 48 years old as of the writing of this. In ’82 (when their first album was released) I would have been 14-ish, and heavily into Van Halen, AC/DC, Ozzy, and other rock – metal radio staples.

In 2006 my Aussie wife Alex and I took a month long trip to California to visit my family (Fresno, I apologize) and it was during Xmas time. That’s when you’d go in to any store and hear Xmas Wrapping and Cocteau Twins Frosty the Snowman. I had forgotten about both songs from living in Australia (as they don’t play those particular songs in stores and shit), so it was soooo good to hear them. Made my day and it was rad to see that Alex was diggin’ on it too.

Cut to a year ago or two ago. I found Xmas Wrapping on YouTube and lost my shit!! So I bought the single on Itunes, but for some odd reason couldn’t get it on my phone, whatever..

4 months ago, during lunchtime at work I was like, “I only know these two songs, let’s see what YouTube has..” So I played Jimmy Tomorrow..Fuck me..Long ass intro complete with Zappa style noise and vibe, a killer avant garde ska style, a great guitar motiff goin’ on..You’d have to be dead to not dig this!! I was pretty determined to get the whole catalog.


December (2016) rolled around, and seeing I’m 10 days older than Jesus, wife gave me some $$ to spend however I wanted. I quickly fired up laptop and thought, “get Waitresses discog..”No, I didn’t get Just Desserts (Currently being sent via the US as I type). I got the best of or some shit..has all of Wasn’t Tomorrow Wonderful plus Xmas Wrapping, Square Pegs, I Could Rule the World if I Could Only Get The Parts, and Bread and Butter (which is fucking GOLD).

Hell, just the other day I was like, “Well, I know I don’t have every single song, let’s open up YouTube and see what’s doin’…Luxury? Let’s see..GODDAMN!!! Funky Funky shit. The drum fills and the tightness between the rhythm section are THEE SHIT!! A lot of the funkiness I’ll attribute to the bass player Tracy Wormworth. She even commented on one of my comments praising her work on YouTube, which was rad..) Her bass lines are musical and funky as fuck, simply put. Drummer Billy Ficca is also a bad ass, and must be mentioned, whaddup Bill!! The whole band rips!! Listen to The Smartest Person I Know..FUCKING GOLD!!!!

It’s a great combination of great songwriting, great ensemble of musicians, great lyrics (a la Chris Butler), delivered by a great vocalist (Patty Donahue, RIP). People mention she can’t hit notes and is a bit of a talker, don’t bother me none. Totally fits the music.

So after hearing Luxury and buying the Just Desserts double CD, I feel like I want to know more about Patty Donahue. So I did online searching. Zero interviews and minimal good quality pics. I’ve read a few interviews with Chris Butler talking about Patty, but even that wasn’t enough for me.


Patty Donahue, fucking bad ass. RIP

So I thought, I could contact Chris Butler; he has a podcast, website, just email him with 100 questions regarding Patty. That’s TOO Easy. So here’s my plan…I’m going to make a YouTube clip called Patty Donahue Online Shrine. I want anyone who loves The Waitresses to post in the comments section, be it stories about how they got turned onto The Waitresses, or if you knew Patty and can tell us a bit about her, to share whatever thoughts you may have. I’m also thinking of making a Patty Donahue Friends and fans Facebook page or something like that.

There’s a few reasons I’m so obsessed. The biggest being is that Patty isn’t with us anymore. Died from lung cancer at 40 in ’96. Both her parents are also gone, and she has no brothers or sisters. I’d like to keep her memory alive through stories of people who knew her, band members who can share what it was like to be in a band with her, good and bad stories. All things Patty.

What I love about The Waitresses: ALL OF IT. “Awwww, Dougie!! You’re 48, don’t you feel like an idiot for just now getting into The Waitresses??” Not at all. It’s a gift!!! I have a new favorite band, that doesn’t happen often. My ears are sooo fucking happy. To me, this music is timeless. There’s bands that try and sound like this now.

I’m so into the waitresses I’ll now tell you what I think of every single song, ha ha..(If you have lasted this long, you must be a diehard fan: YES!!..)

No Guilt: I love the ska vibe, the Toronto line, and the lyrics. For whatever reason I find the talking at the end of the song sad, like she’s trying to tell herself that she’s fine when in reality, she is doing okay, but misses ex. Or am I fucked in the head?

Wise Up: Intro reminds me of Steely Dan or Huey Lewis..I like the dual vocals, I really like the fucked up robotic style “I know better now” backing vocals..good shit!!! Not a fave but I don’t skip it like I do Hanggover, ha ha.

Quit: My current fave, probably tied with Luxury. I love the funky vibe, Tracy never phones it in, ever. This song is very catchy, Patty has a lot of attitude in this song. I love her “No!!”‘s in the chorus. Sooo petulant, I really love it. I yell it at work and must look like an asssole. LOVE LOVE LOVE!!

It’s My Car: Not even a fave, but great little ska vibe. Still, a catchy song. 

Wasn’t Tomorrow Wonderful: Catchy, happy song!! Love drum fill in beginning. Totally rad, dig the frayed cape lyric. Great song. I dig the frayed cape lyric.

I Know What Boys Like: Classic kick ass song. Total tease, I love it. I like the slightly chromatic vocal line, it’s kinda lazy….especially with the word like, it slightly sharpens. I dig it!!! Sucker, ha ha ha ha ha!! Sounds like Chris has chorus or really weak flanger on the guitar. Reminds me of Zappa. Patty’s voice double tracked?

Heat Night: Great intro, lovely verse, the vocal harmonies are real nice. For some reason this reminds of high school football. Is that what a heat night is? Forgive my dopiness. I like the song a lot. It gets me revved up no matter what it’s about. It’s pretty special for sure.

Redland: It’s okay. Catchy, I’d never skip it but not high on the love list, yet still a good song.

Pussy Strut: I like the funkiness of this one as well. I like the whole song, real good. Pussy strut, ha ha!

Go On: It’s okay, I love the chorus, Patty sounds soo goddamn cheeky when she says I’ll go on. Chorus is my favorite part for sure.

Jimmy Tomorrow: Done it up there somewheres. Love it.

Xmas Wrapping: Brings a tear to my fucking eye if I’m in the right mood.

Bread and Butter: Nice!! Lydian mode, no doubt. I love this song very much. It’s one of my faves. “Shuddup, not yet, don’t interrupt..” SOOOO great.

Square Pegs: Intro reminds me of Steely Dan. I like all the shit Patty says in the song. She has teenage angst DOWN. Good song.

The Smartest Person I Know: Great Zappa style intro, great lyrics, love the key change..One of my faves. There is a part of me that’s kicking myself that I didn’t  find this shit earlier, but what can you do? I listen to it daily, so I’m making up for lost time. I cannot wait to get the double CD!!

That’ll do. I’ve had enough, ha ha…so the next thing I’ll have to do is create a FB Patty Donahue Friends and Fans group, do my little spiel on YouTube, and I think that should do it. NO!! I I’ll put the questions I have for The Waitresses band members below this and I’ll post their answers at the bottom of this page. So yeah, it looks like this page has the potential to be LONG AS FUCK.

If you can’t wait that long, email me your stories about Patty and I’ll add them to this blog: doug.steele@gmail.com


I love Mike Hickey and Joe Bonamassa

Why both? I wouldn’t have met one without the other.

Don’t like reading? Hit play!!

I met Mike via YouTube. He reached out via email and said he liked my VH lesson videos. Every 4 – 6 months I’ll shoot Mike an email to just say hi, that kinda thing.

A few weeks back I get an email from Mike; he’s guitar tech-ing for Joe, would I like to come to the show? I’ve seen Joe before the last time he was out, and I thoroughly enjoyed that, hell yes I’ll come to the show!!

So the day of the show I get an email from Mike: “I’m free between 5:30 and 7:00 if you wanna drop by. Doors open at 8, you’re on the guestlist plus one..” I’ve never met Mike in real life, so I let him know I’ll be there at the stage door of the Palais by about 6:15. I seriously thought he’d come out of the building, get a handshake and a hug, talk for 10 minutes, then he’d go back in. And I was fine with that…Boy, was I very fucking wrong, ha ha ha…

He comes out, we do handshake hug, and the first thing he says is, “Do you wanna come in and see some guitars?” And I was like, “Hell yes!!” Off we went.

Mike took every single guitar out of the rack, told me what they were, and anything notable about the guitar. Amazing collection. I asked if I could touch one of the strats and he was totally cool with it. I’m pretty sure he would have let me play any of the guitars, but I was there to hang and get to know Mike. But my inner demon (we’ll call him Doug) was going “Play the whole fucking lot!!” Not today demon, not today.

It was pretty much like this but in real fucking life!! My head was spinning.

After the guitar tour, we just stood near the guitars and talked about guitars, our past experiences, how Mike got the tech job, his new marriage, where he’s living, then onto Van Halen, Paul Gilbert, going vintage gear shopping with Joe, etc etc.

Then Joe walked out..we meet and shake hands. Mike goes, “This is the guy I showed you the video of..” I was like, whuuuut? Mike showed Joe my Dean Shredder Contest video. Joe says, “Man, your pinky is crazy..” That’s when my brain split in two..On the outside, I was calm, cool, nice John. On the inside I was going “Holy fucking shit!! I’m backstage hanging with Mike and Joe, and Joe has seen me play guitar!” Man out the outside, giggly screaming girl on the inside, ha ha ha..

I did ask them how they met each in front of each other, and that was cool to hear both sides of the story at the same time..(too long to post, but…a good story nonetheless).

My clip in question. Pinky thing is at :40

So then Joe goes, “Come and look at my amps..” Okay!! And from there Joe walked me through the amps (four Fender Tweeds behind the glass partition), and said that thee most important component to the sound were the amp mics, which were: I have no idea!! I’d be able to remember by sight, but not by name..I wanna say Tull or something. Google says I’m fuckin’ crazy.

Then, Joe shows me his pedalboard. pretty sparse as I can remember. No more than four pedals onstage. And lastly, he’s telling me about his strat that he uses for the first song,  talks about how (through years of playing it), the fretboard is now naturally scalloped. He then unstraps the guitar and give it to me (not plugged in). I awkwardly play maybe 4 notes on it and give it right back.

A lot of Joe’s guitars have tape on the pickguards..He goes, “A lot of people ask ‘why don’t you just replace the pickguard?’, and I’m like, ‘Fuck that..it’s fine with tape..'” or words to that effect. I liked that. Sensible.

About this time I asked for a photo with the 3 of us. “Guys, I know this is probably a douchebag move, but can I get a pic of you both?” They were totally cool with it. I thought I was gonna take the pic, Joe asked one of the tour guys to take it. Stoked!!!

I thanked Joe, and Mike and I went back to talking over by the guitars for another 15 or 20. It was getting close to showtime and it was time for me to bail. Mike walked me back out, had a smoke, and I got a call from my buddy who was in the area and had started walking towards the venue. Mike finished ciggie, we hugged, and I told him the next time he comes out, I’ll take time off work and we’ll hang properly.

And I was flying high for the rest of the night. I quickly called my wife and said, “You’re not gonna believe this..” The gig was great, the band was great (I didn’t know Anton Fig was drumming in the band until I was already back outside..I love that guy!!) But yes, what an absolutely awesome experience. Mike Hickey and Joe Bonamassa are as every bit of cool as you’d want them to be. To have a guy who was warming up for his headlining gig to take time out to show me his gear when he clearly didn’t have to, speaks volumes. And Mike told me a story about Joe’s generosity that was just…Kind and awesome and meaningful..It’s great to meet down to earth, cool people. And people like that deserve every good thing that comes their way.

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